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We support America's small business entrepreneurs by equipping them with accessible growth tools and mobilizing citizens everywhere to champion them.

I Am Mainstreet America is a technology startup and social venture that promotes small business entrepreneurship as a means to combat unemployment and boost economic impact in cities. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of America's economy. Our mission is to support Americas's small business entrepreneurs by equipping them with accessible growth tools and mobilizing citizens everywhere to champion them.

Our Platforms

Through our platforms we highlight with video, photography, illustration and written word, the stories of America’s most promising small business entrepreneurs. These are the under supported owners of brick and mortar retail stores, restaurants, and other physical spaces that make American cities walkable and vibrant.

Mainstreet Mondays


Mainstreet Mondays is our new platform for discovering, supporting, and rewarding small businesses. We partner with brands to create challenges for small businesses and reward them for sharing their stories and making their communities brighter. Come back each week to discover a new small business and support them by participating in a digital cash mob event tied to each story. Brands, learn how you can partner with us here.

I Am Mainstreet America


Right here at I Am Mainstreet America is where we share the stories of the small businesses we work with across the nation. With support from our our nonprofit partners, we produce and publish high quality digital content for them at little to no cost, and share it across our network for maximum reach. Learn more about the variety of tools we provide small businesses below. 

Our Tools


Mainstreet Mob


At Mainstreet Mobs members earn prizes and other perks for participating in our cash mob events. ​Simply join, shop local at participating Mainstreet Mob events, login to your free member account and upload your receipts to start earning points!

Mainstreet Mob for Business


Mainstreet Mob helps give small businesses a boost by combining our offline and digital cash mob community and events with social media marketing services. We also offer à la carte creative services to small businesses on a case by case basis. Get in touch for additional details.

Mainstreet Hype


Mainstreet Hype aims to be the leading retail small business newswire service on the web. We offer affordable, curated press release distribution to local, national, and urban media for small business owners.

Mainstreet U


Mainstreet U curates weekly small business news, resources, and tools from around the web. Each weekly issue is tailored to deliver the content that interest you most.


Join our Mainstreet Mob community and earn perks like discounts and prizes, simply by shopping with the small businesses you already love. 

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